Some Tips for Keeping Your Loudspeakers Safe

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Loudspeakers can be quite an investment if you value quality. It is not surprising that some people spend more than $10,000 on the pair of good loudspeakers. However, if you spend that much money then it is well worth protecting your investment. I will offer some tips that should keep your speakers safe from damage.

When making the connection, don’t leave your amplifier running. It is best to switch off all audio equipment before connecting speakers. If you make a …

Bluetooth Galore – What You Can Expect from a Decent Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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In this article, I will focus on Bluetooth audio receivers. These products are a critical link between the wireless world and the audio world. More and more devices lately have adopted Bluetooth as a way to stream music. In particular, cell phones are becoming more and more popular because not only do they allow you to take music on the go but also have the wireless bells and whistles that can stream music to some speakers or other devices which …

How Well Do Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Work in Reality?

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Often manufacturers of electronic products promise more than their products actually deliver. I recently took a look at some loudspeakers and noticed several types of Bluetooth wireless speakers. They seem to be exactly what I wanted so I purchased two different models to try them out.

Amphony wireless speakers

The main purpose for me purchasing these Bluetooth wireless speakers was to see how well they work at home. In my testing, I was using a galaxy five cell phone as well as a …

What Makes Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Unique?

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If you’ve ever shopped for speakers lately you probably have noticed that the number of Bluetooth speakers has grown tremendously. In fact, only 10 years ago you could hardly find the speakers on the market. Nowadays, they count for almost 80% of all wireless speakers. So the question is what explains this enormous growth? Also, what makes the speaker stand out? I will try to answer these questions in the following sections.

If you’ve ever purchased some wireless speakers, you …

Some Tips for Solving Installation Problems by Using Wireless Speakers

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Hiring an installer for setting up some audio equipment is usually a pretty good idea. An installer is usually qualified to make all the connections in the right way and thereby lessens the likelihood of any equipment being damaged by incorrect connections. Also, if you wiring an entire house, you probably are going to be overwhelmed by running long cables throughout the house. That is where an installer can help a great deal. In addition to running wires, and installer …